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Several so-called career-related tests are no different from GMAT, CAT and such other management aptitude tests.

We recognise that evaluation for Banking & Finance is different. finACE is the only such evaluation, which focuses on 'Finance'; the only one that differentiates between "aptitude" and "competency". 

Where do your students stand on aptitude for Banking & Financial Services? Some will have the aptitude, but, where do they stand on competency related to Banking & Financial Services?

Simply put, finACE helps discover personal potential for specific profiles within finance, as a domain and / or industry. It helps students make informed career choices - or simply know where they stand in this important domain.

What is the right time for finACE? The sooner, the better. Students, aged 15-20, benefit the most, because they can plan their learning at an early stage. As for working professionals, better late, than never.